LearnToRide.ORG Special People

These special people have been a very important part of LearnToRide.Org in the past. Although they are no longer actively affiliated with our program we dedicate this page to the contributions they made to the longest running motorcycle training program here in Nashville, Tennessee. This is by no means a complete list of all former affiliates of our program. These people were selected because of the special way in which they exhibited extrordinary dedication and commitment. We appreciate the contributions made by everyone who has ever been part of our program.

In no particular order other than alphabetical, special recognition is given to the following people:

Hack Tidman
Hack Tidman rode motorcycles for over 50 years, accumulating well over 500,000 miles of riding all over the world. Eventually he reached a point where he couldn't ride anymore. He shared his knowledge of riding with our students for about 18 years, starting in 1991. During that time he also served on the Motorcycle Safety Advisory Committee for the Tennessee Department of Safety. We really appreciate the contributions he made to motorcycling and motorcycle safety.

Steve (Jake) Jacobs
For several years, Jake served as the site coordinator for this program. During his tenure the program was known as the "Tennessee Rider Instruction Program Inc., Nashville", or more colloquially as TRIPIN. Jake began teaching motorcycle classes in 1993 and continues to do so for the Rider's Edge program, a course sanctioned by MSF primarily for marketing in the Harley Davidson community.

Paul Maloney
Paul served as a site coordinator for this program for many years. He first became involved in motorcycle training in 1987 and has shared his experience and knowledge with many people over the years. We appreciate the service he gave for many years.

Sherri Glover
Sherri Glover was an active instructor with our program. Unfortunately she was killed while out riding her motorcycle. A drunk driver came over into her lane and ran into her head-on. We miss Sherri and remember her fondly. A yearly award was instituted in her honor to be given to a female RiderCoach who exemplifies "Integrity, Humor, Patience, Poise, Creativity, Leadership, and Knowlege" in helping people learn to ride motorcycles.

Wink Rager
Wink began working with our program in 1993 and taught for many years. She was always delightful to be around and her influence continues to be seen in our program. Wink received the first ever "Sherry Glover Award".

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