More Information by Phone

Although we do not register people over the telephone you can call (615) 847-2030 to speak to someone or leave a message to get a call back about any issues you have. If you want someone to mail a registration packet to you please be sure to leave a message including your name, phone number and mailing address.

Course Fees And Conditions

NO REFUNDS WILL BE MADE, EXCEPT FOR CANCELLED CLASSES. Rescheduling is done only for availability of classes.

Students who are unable to meet the minimum physical requirements in the opinion of the RiderCoach, or students whose behavior pose a hazard to themselves and/or other students, will be asked to discontinue the riding portion of the class, with NO REFUND GIVEN. Student(s) may stay to observe the remainder of the class, but will not be certified for completion.

Students must successfully complete the entire class (including the written and riding skills evaluation) to receive a completion card.