Sherri Glover Tribute

Sherri Glover

Sherri Glover was a wonderful young lady. Among her many talents she was a motorcycle safety instructor, working with us at LearnToRide.Org.

On Sunday, June 22, 2003, Sherri was riding her Kawasaki motorcycle out Highway 100. As she crested a hill a drunk driver came over the center-line. The head-on collision killed Sherri. The truck pushed Sherri and her bike approximately 170 feet down the hill before running off the road into an embankment.

Little good can come from a horrible event like this. The driver of the truck, Jimmy L Nall, was arrested for DUI (his third) as well as Aggravated Vehicular Homicide by DUI. Nall was arrested the morning of the crash and remains in jail on a 15 year sentence.

It is our hope that we can raise awareness of the terrible consequences that result way too often because of drunk driving. We also wish to honor the life of our friend Sherri in some small way and express our love for her and her family.

Sherri's father has created and maintains a website at There you can find updates about the state of the parole hearings and news about posthumous awards regarding Sherri.

LearnToRide.ORG has dedicated an annual award to be given to a female RiderCoach who exemplifies "Integrity, Humor, Patience, Poise, Creativity, Leadership, and Knowlege" in helping people learn to ride motorcycles. This award, the "Sherri Glover Memorial Award" has been given out three times so far. The recipients were:

Each recipient of the award chooses a charity to which LearnToRide.ORG makes a donation of $100. Additionally, LearnToRide.ORG makes a yearly donation to Sherri's favorite charity.

LearnToRide.ORG has also dedicated a shade tree/rest area to Sherri's memory. This is a place where motorcycle students have often gathered for a break during the heat of the day. Sherri's father, Steve Glover designed a sign to remind people of the beauty of Sherri's life and the trajedy that resulted from drinking and driving. One of these signs is attached to the shade tree in the parking lot near where we conduct motorcycle classes. Here is a picture of it.

Another similar sign has been placed at the site where Sherri's life was ended. Unfortunately the picture is rather dark, as the sun was nearly down when it was taken. We will hopefully get a better picture online soon.