LearnToRide.ORG Coaches - Rebecca Cooper
Rebecca Cooper has been riding for several years now. She took the MSF Beginner's course with Dean Young and John Jones. After completing the class, Dean helped her find her first motorcycle, a beautiful '81 Yamaha Maxim 650, which was just looking for someone to give it some love.

Here's Rebecca and her husband, Joel, enjoying a balmy summer ride through Red Rock Canyon, Nevada.

Her guiding principle for classes: "Safety is a given. But if we're not having fun something is wrong."

Her other passions include skiing, travel, skiing, anything outdoors -- from kayaking and canoeing to camping and fly fishing -- and skiing. (If she could only figure out how to strap her skis onto her motorcycle....)

Motorcycles: Rebecca still has the aforementioned 1981 Yamaha Maxim 650.

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