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Jennifer Moorhouse is a married mother of a beautiful daughter who was in diapers when she became a motorcyclist.

Jennifer poses next to her '79 Gold Wing


Jennifer suits up and prepares to demonstrate how to ride an exercise for the students.
remembers her first ride on the back of a motorcycle when she was a child:

"A neighbor gave me a ride up and down our street. Our driveway was gravel, and when the neighbor turned the motorcycle into it, we got part of the way up the driveway,

Working with Dewayne, Jennifer rides an excellent demo.
then I remember skidding, and falling, and a burn on my leg and hole in a new pair of jeans.

I didn't get on a motorcycle again until I was around thirty years old. I guess I either needed to work up my nerve through years of martial arts study, training horses, teaching horseback riding, and learning how to fly airplanes, or needed the right circumstances to become a motorcycle rider by marrying a rider, though motorcycleless with an expired motorcycle license at the time, and finding out that such things as motorcycle classes exist."

After earning their motorcycle endorsements through rider courses, Jennifer and her husband bought a gorgeous, well worn, full of character, 1979 Honda Goldwing. She decided her husband would have to get another bike for himself because she would take over riding the Goldwing within the year. It didn't take her a year to ride the 'wing solo. It took her less than a month. She found the old 1,000cc motorcycle to be very large, and loved rumbling around on it, but wanted a choice of a smaller bike, so she bought a Kawasaki Vulcan 500. She meant it when she said her husband would need a second bike, so, ever nostalgic, they brought home a 1979 Honda CB750 Anniversary Edition, full of character too, but with a lot less patina than the Goldwing.

They definitely enjoy their machines and really enjoy encouraging people to ride and develop rapport with their own machines. Jennifer considers it a privilege to go from being shy and nervous about motorcycle riding to being a rider coach, encouraging others to become safe motorcycle riders.

"Put your gear on and let's go riding!"

Contact Jennifer: Her email address is vettepilot182@aol.com

Motorcycles: Jennifer and her husband ride a 1979 Gold Wing, a Kawasaki Vulcan 500 and a 1979 Honda CB750 Anniversary Edition.

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