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Jeffrey R. Anderson strikes a pose on a recent western states road trip. Touring / sport touring is Jeff's favorite type of riding.

Jeff says, "The anticipation for a departure date is better than all those sleepless childhood Christmas eves."

While short or long tours are Jeff's favorites (regardless of the part of the country), he enjoys the mind clearing quality of a Sunday afternoon ride through the Middle Tennessee countryside.

The blur is from speed! I ride sober and only with those who are. It's a Paul Smart Ducati replica carving through some Colorado canyons. Life's good. I celebrated (challenging sobriety) after returning to base camp and putting away the keys.

Contact Jeff: His email address is jeliz_anderson@bellsouth.net

Motorcycles: Jeff's current bike is a Kawasaki Ninja 650R, which is set up for touring. In the past, Jeff has owned a 1982 Honda CBX as well as a 1993 Honda Gold Wing. Since that time he has enjoyed smaller, sportier bikes.

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