LearnToRide.ORG Coaches - Janet Michael
Janet Michael moved to Nashville, Tennessee from Ontario Canada in 1999. She was born in Virginia but was pretty much raised in Canada.

Janet started riding in 2004. It all started when she bought her two sons a mini bike and a dirt bike. She then took the Basic Riding Course with Dean, George and Sherry at LearnToRide.Org. She says she can still hear George's words ringing in her head while riding, "Press & Roll" or "Turn your Head", etc.

Her first bike was a 2003 805cc Suzuki Volusia. It was a good bike and she gained a lot of experience on the road riding riding with it. She loved it, but it wasn't long until she wanted more power for interstate riding.

She traded up for a 2006 Yamaha Roadstar Silverado 1700. She loves riding. She says "It's an addiction now." She has ridden many miles since 2004, including places like Gulf Shores, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, etc. She became a RiderCoach in 2006 and has come full circle to where she started, right back to LearnToRide.Org. Guess you really can come home!

Janet is also a member of the Southern Cruisers Riding Club. She encourages you to stay safe and enjoy the miles with smiles!

Motorcycle: Janet rides a 2006 Yamaha Roadstar Silverado 1700

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