LearnToRide.ORG Coaches - Dewayne Henson
Dewayne Henson is a computer systems engineer who lives in Nashville. Besides being "compulsive motorcycle nut" he enjoys music (playing bass) and computers. He has around 30 years experience riding motorcycles.

As you can see, Dewayne also enjoys dirt biking.

Especially the dirt.

Kinda looks like a frog riding a June Bug, doesn't it?

Big bikes can wheelie too!

Like some of the other coaches at LearnToRide.Org, Dewayne enjoys road course motorcycle racing. His track bike is an SV650. The number is a tribute to Dewayne's hero, Babe Ruth.

Maybe this bike isn't quite as fast as the SV650, but it works better for demonstrating correct riding technique during a class.

Motorcycles: Dewayne's stable includes a 2001 Honda VLX, a 2000 Harley-Davidson Heritage Softail, a 1979 Yamaha YZ 400, a 1979 Yamaha GT 80 and a 1971 Yamaha CT1C.

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