LearnToRide.ORG Location

LearnToRide.ORG conducts classes regularly at the Tennessee Technology Center, Nashville (AKA "Tennessee Tech").

The address is:

Tennessee Technology Center, Nashville
100 White Bridge Road
Nashville, TN 37205

The campus is located just off White Bridge Road, approximately one mile south of Interstate 40. From Interstate 40 west of Nashville, you would take the White Bridge Road Exit and proceed south.

Just after passing the third traffic signal you will see the campus of Tennessee Tech on your left.

There are two entrances to the campus, one of which has a traffic signal. The second entrance you will reach if you are coming from I-40 does not have a signal. If you turn left into that entrance and follow it behind the main set of buildings there will be several large parking lots. The riding portion of the motorcycle classes is conducted in some of these parking lots.

The classroom is in Building 4, the Charles F. Manning Building. Please refer to the image below.

You can park in the parking lot nearest the Charles F. Manning Building and enter through the front door. Go through the 2nd pair of doors and turn to your left. As you walk that direction you'll notice a breakroom on the left and restrooms on the right. Walk past those into the shop area and you'll see a couple of classrooms on the left. The BASIC class will convene in "Classroom B."

If you are taking an Experience RiderCourse, please note that when you arrive on your bike there may already be a Beginner RiderCourse in progress. Please do not just ride over and attempt to join that group. Instead, please watch for one of the coaches to direct you where you should park. Most commonly, just park in the parking lot nearest the Charles F. Manning Building (where the Arrowhead in the image below is pointing.)

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