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Through different levels of motorcycle education training programs offered by Tennessee Technology Center and LearnToRide.ORG, participants can experience the basics of learning to ride or improve their riding skills. The courses are conducted under the auspices of the Tennessee Department of Safety's Motorcycle Rider Education Program and the Motorcycle Safety Foundation.


* In some cases waiver may not apply.


Personal Requirements

You must already be able to ride a bicycle before taking this class. You must be capable of engaging in moderate activity in potentially hot, cold or rainy outdoor weather for several hours.

If you are taking the Experienced RiderCourse you must bring your street legal and insured motorcycle. Please bring documentation to show proof of ownership and insurance. Your bike will also need to be able to pass a visual inspection of tire condition, functionality of lights and controls and relevant safety considerations. We reserve the right to disallow the use of any motorcycle if in the opinion of the RiderCoach it poses a safety hazard.

If it's raining you may want to bring some rain gear. We still ride, even if it's raining.

You may want to bring a cooler with drinks, snacks, etc., to keep conveniently near the range.

Riding Gear

Any time you are going to sit on or ride a motorcycle during the class you must be wearing all of the following riding gear. No exceptions!

  • DOT Approved Helmet (You may borrow one from us at no additional charge if needed).
  • Protective Eyewear. If your helmet includes a visor you will not have to use additional eye protection. We may have eyewear you can use if you neglect to bring it, but you are encouraged strongly to bring your own eyewear.
  • Long sleeved shirt.
  • Long sturdy pants.
  • Full fingered gloves.
  • Sturdy, over-the-ankle footwear.

Types of Classes

LearnToRide.ORG offers two types of classes. They are the Basic RiderCourse, and the Experienced RiderCourse Suite.

Basic RiderCourse

The Basic RiderCourse involves approximately 16-20 hours of classroom and riding activities. It is primarily designed for novice riders, but is quite applicable even to fairly experienced riders as well. It begins with the basics of motorcycle operation, including use of all the various controls and the basic riding skills of Straight Line Riding, Turning, Shifting and Stopping. Once these basic skills are accomplished the course covers safe riding strategies and introduces some advanced skills as well.

In the Basic RiderCourse you will be expected to take the class on one of our "training" motorcycles. While these motorcycles are all capable of being used for normal street riding they are limited in size and power so that you are able to concentrate on the mental and physical skills of learning to ride without the intimidation factor that a larger, more powerful machine might cause. These bikes are checked and maintained regularly by our staff to make sure they are okay to ride.

You do not need to have any experience riding motorcycles to take the Basic RiderCourse. However, you must know how to ride a bicycle before you can take this class.

LearnToRide.ORG will optionally allow a student to take the Basic RiderCourse on a small scooter. We have a very limited number of scooters that can be used instead of a regular motorcycle. The scooters do not require the use of a clutch or changing gears.

Click here to look at the schedule of BRC classes.

Experienced RiderCourse Suite

The Experienced RiderCourse Suite involves approximately 6.5-8 hours of classroom and riding activities. It is designed for experienced riders who already own and ride a motorcycle. You will be expected to bring your own motorcycle and ride the exercises on it. If you plan to take the Experienced RiderCourse in preparation for getting your motorcycle license you will be expected to take the skill test on your motorcycle as well.

The Experienced RiderCourse begins with some moderately challenging exercises and works to assist experienced riders in attaining even better skills. It addresses all of the weaknesses commonly found in accident-involved motorcyclists and suggests mental strategies to assist the rider in avoiding collisions that might otherwise be caused by other drivers on the road.

Please note: When you bring your motorcycle to ride in the Experienced RiderCourse you will be expected to be able to provide proof of ownership (or written permission to ride if the motorcycle is owned by someone other than yourself). You will also be expected to provide proof of insurance. The tires on your motorcycle must have sufficient tread and be properly inflated. The headlight, tail light and brake light must all be functional. If the RiderCoach determines that your motorcycle poses a safety hazard to yourself or others for any reason you will not be allowed to use it to complete the class unless the safety hazard can be addressed.

You will also be expected to wear the required riding gear anytime you are riding your motorcycle during an Experienced RiderCourse exercise. No part of this riding gear is optional. Please have all of it with you when you arrive for class.

Click here to look at the schedule of ERC classes.

Course Fees And Conditions

NO REFUNDS WILL BE MADE, EXCEPT FOR CANCELLED CLASSES. Rescheduling is done only for availability of classes.

Students who are unable to meet the minimum physical requirements in the opinion of the RiderCoach, or students whose behavior pose a hazard to themselves and/or other students, will be asked to discontinue the riding portion of the class, with NO REFUND GIVEN. Student(s) may stay to observe the remainder of the class, but will not be certified for completion.

Students must successfully complete the entire class (including the written and riding skills evaluation) to receive a completion card.


Registration is accepted on a first-come, first-served basis; no reservations can be made until payment in full is received. A registration confirmation will be sent upon receipt of applications and payment.

Although we do not register people over the telephone you can call (615) 847-2030 to speak to someone or leave a message to get a call back about any issues you have. If you want someone to mail a registration packet to you please be sure to leave a message including your name, phone number and mailing address.

You may also register through this website.


LearnToRide.Org is a privately owned company and reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason we deem appropriate.


LearnToRide.Org (RERP # 127858) is certified by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) as an authorized facility to conduct courses using their provided curriculum. MSF does not endorse LearnToRide.ORG (or any other facility, for that matter) or their sponsors, supporting organizations or equipment. LearnToRide.ORG is also recognized as an authorized motorcycle safety instruction facility by the Tennessee Dept of Safety's Motorcycle Rider Education Program (MREP).

All RiderCoaches contracted by LearnToRide.ORG to conduct courses are trained and certified by MSF before being allowed to conduct classes. Additionally, each RiderCoach must be an experienced and accomplished motorcyclist and satisfactorily demonstrate requisite skills. They must also comply with additional licensing requirements of the state of Tennessee, including but not limited to basic CPR and First Aid certification.

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